Creating a New Social Order
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Education with its vastness can bring about epochal change; can create a social order which all yearn for. Academes have to be the replica of the social order that we want to create around us. A word of caution here; as education in its new avatar, goes about tending to the changes it needs to carefully consider the specifics, which may be quite different from some of the ecosystems which may in the first glance look worthy of emulation.

As in the case of India, the teeming millions need productive engagement. Education needs to align them with domains of entrepreneurship, rural management, and manufacturing. These sleeping giants need to be awakened and leveraged. Technology remains thoroughly infused in all sectors.


Soft Skills are no more non- account:

Making students well rounded balanced professionals at Desh Bhagat University – top mba university, apart from the core skills and business acumen, we equip the graduates with appropriate skill-sets, temperament, devotion and commitment-levels. Success heavily draws upon skills like leadership critical and analytical thinking, imagination, perseverance, and team spirit. No training is complete without inculcating these into their personae. Social enterprises and innovations are encouraged and supported at Desh Bhagat University in top universities in India; they hold the potential to change the socio-economic texture of a place. The prerequisites are not only the business acumen. Thankfully, many HEIs have well-structured wings looking into these aspects. Professional skills require to be well-laced with intangibles of strategy, leadership, business ethics and all the relevant functions their roles may require them to deliver.

Stress the right stuff:

A conspicuously missing element of education, with the onslaught of modernity, seems to be - Spirituality. It connects with our inner self and gives a moral compass to our behavior. Empathy is to know or to relate to other person’s feelings. In business, it connects you with your stakeholders grasping their pain-points and thus a better approach to solving them. It works. End of the day only what is good would survive. It is not a visceral verdict; it is logical. Your inner goodness, well-intentioned desires give you the right tailwinds which are priceless. Education has to be emphatic about weaving a strong moral fabric. Conscientious thought leaders have been doing this; the only thing is the trend needs to be strengthened, grown and intensified.

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