Entrepreneurship and Employability
Posted By Desh Bhagat University (DBU)

Entrepreneurship is no longer an opt-out clause in the higher education ecosystem. It is wide-ranging, heterogeneous and ubiquitous. It is intellectually- dynamic and infinite in scope. HEIs have started appreciating the cruciality of entrepreneurship, social innovation, and community development initiatives. Academe has realized the fact that entrepreneurs are going to be the crucial cornerstone of our economy. Going above and beyond the specific disciplines, educators have integrated entrepreneurship with all programs, making it an integral part of all the programs. Our Universities have become more active creating entrepreneurial communities. Internal incubator, maker spaces, indigenous venture funds, venture capitalists all have become the integral part of the entrepreneurial mission and it is a serious business. HEIs are so multi-faceted and outward facing now. So well connected they are with all their stakeholders. No more are the professors and business owners mutually exclusive segments. Universities make it a point that the entrepreneurial faculty is lavishly complemented with industry experts along with the tenured faculty. Adding to it further is the fact that what used to be capstone of entrepreneurial education is now just a part of it…with a is an equal or may be bigger focus on making things happen. Manifestation. It is so welcome a change. We really needed to come out of the innovation theatre, the ostentatious talks and activities that just made us appear good on paper and get into a mode that really delivers. And the welcome trend has already set in. At Desh Bhagat University in best university in Punjab and in top universities in India we are an equal opportunity employer.

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