Plagiarism: A stitch in time saves nine
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Whatever fruits of progress we are enjoying in the modern times are results of some research in the past. Many services have become much more affordable and inclusive than they were before. The prominent ones include health and education. Also Information Technology has become far more expansive, inclusive and affordable. Mobiles and internet services a few decades ago were only privileges of a few. Not anymore. Educational videos are as accessible to the common man as they are to the privileged. Courtesy- the world wide web, the technology and the existence of services like moocs.


Healthcare has expanded to take under its care a bigger segment of the population than ever before, if not all. Costs of certain treatments have come down because of research. And certain diseases which were considered untreatable have a cure now. Breakthrough research, riding on technology and fueled by humane concerns to find out solutions to what ails the society has been at the root of it all.

With so much emanating from breakthroughs research offers we need to maintain the sanctity and authenticity of the same. All the stakeholders who are anyways related to research should shoulder the responsibility of scholarly and academic integrity.


The authorities concerned have laid down clear guidelines to check plagiarism and maintain the authenticity of research. There have been software that check and bring out instances of plagiarism and duplication of research. But no matter how much we eulogize artificial intelligence and machine learning but human mind has been ingenious enough to find out loopholes to escape detection by this software.

But then cultivating a culture of self-monitoring and having an inner scoreboard can help. Besides the culture copy- pasting, tweaking words here and there to escape detection, and fuzzing of samples can be eliminated if we motivate young impressionable minds to bring in their thought process to the class and put them across on the papers when need be. Appreciating the trend and the practice would help grow the trend desirably.

We look for solutions when it is too late. A stitch well in time can save nine, says the old adage. When we can mitigate the menace of copying and pasting in early childhood if young minds are well trained in ethics and integrity why do we wait for them to grow up and put them under the scanner of plagiarism check software. The way an infant knows within minutes of his coming into this world who its mother is, similarly other intangibles can be built upon and hardwired into human minds. Then we would need less of policing and plagiarism check software.


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