Workplace Issues : How to deal with the toxicity and negativity
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Have seen most of the work places and most of them suffer from negativity, conflicts and frictions. It seems moving up your career graph needs not only efforts and advancing work proficiency but pushing others down. The organizational leaders at times find themselves at their wit’s end how to deal with these. And then there have been instances wherein the top leadership is either oblivious or chooses to be, to such worrisome patterns, till the time these snowball into bigger issues and sabotage the normal functioning and decorum and eclipse the organizational goals.


Here are a few ways to handle the crisis before it spirals out of control

  • Management should invest time, efforts and trust in the chief people officer or chief human resource officer. He should be genuinely interested in the people and have a strong inner scoreboard. It all gets communicated and plays a vital role. They should be given the right training and exposure to handle various aspect of human resources. He should be an effective tool to drive institutional strategy through the organization.


  •  Have a strong work place ethos: With advent of modernity we have strong inclination to throw away the real goodness and humane values out of the window. The work place values, decorum and transparency should command respect and have the trust of the people.


  •   A work-culture with a strong sense of engagement and belongingness gives the employees emotional security and begets integrity, emotional connection and loyalty. This manifests in better quality and shorter lead time.


  •  The leader of the organization should have the ultimate levels of transparency and objectivity. His aura itself should be enough to communicate when he walks in. His sense of justice and leadership should be revered. Uncontested. His purpose should be so clear and transparent like a drop of water Take a sip and you are understood. No bombastic   announcements and promises. The aura should speak as soon as he enters a room. So strong should be your energy levels and vibes. And this comes with integrity, engagement to the cause and commitment to the purpose.



  •  His team should   bring him the bare facts rather than the ones dressed up to suit his ears. There have been instances wherein the top boss did not get to know what the real situation was since the facts were always distorted.


Behaviors at work place are contagious. The right ones should be acknowledged and rewarded, whenever possible. Setting models for others to follow. Lopping toxicity off the work place  is not a difficult task, given a strong ethos and sense of engagement and clarity about the remit.

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