Health Care Workers Meet Organized to Spread Awareness about Adverse Effects of Drugs.
Posted By Desh Bhagat University (DBU)

A  meet  of  healthcare  workers  was  organised  at  Desh Bhagat Drug  De-addiction  and  Rehabilitation  Centre  .The  aim  of  the  meet  was  to  spread  awareness  about  the  drug  de-addiction  and  rehabilitation  facilities  available  at  Desh Bhagat hospital,   through the  healthcare  workers  in  the  nearby  villages  so that the needy  can  benefit  from  the  services  offered.

The  healthcare  workers  were  made  aware  about  the  services  provided  at  the centre  by  Dr. Harender  Singh , Psychiatrist , Desh Bhagat Drug  De-addiction  and  Rehabilitation  Centre.

Latest facilities are available  in OPD & IPD , the  staff is well qualified as per norms offering  services like assessment of  drug/ alcohol abuse, detoxification,  individual counselling, pharmacotherapy ,   group  therapy  and  treatment  for associated medical  and  psychiatric  illness etc.

In  view  of the ongoing  pandemic  of  COVID-19  masks  were  distributed  to  the  healthcare  workers  for  their  safety  and  also  as  a  token  of  appreciation  for their dedication towards work during these challenging times.

 Chancellor , Dr. Zora  Singh and Pro Chancellor, Dr. Tejinder Kaur , said  drug  and  substance  abuse is  a serious  problem  adversely  affecting  the  social  fabric  of  the  country . Addiction  to  drugs  not  only  affects the individual’s health but  also disrupts the whole society.

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