Success Story of Anmol Sethi – Desh Bhagat University
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Desh Bhagat University

Anmol Sethi from Ludhiana, a student of B. Tech CSE at Desh Bhagat University, best university in Punjab and in best btech computer science engineering colleges in Punjab, joined the Science department to learn about technology and computers. The faculty of Computer Sciences at Desh Bhagat is a vast resource of applied learning.  With teachers imparting quality education, the students master an extensive curriculum in B. Tech Computer Science Engineering that has evolved over decades of our academic history. Anmol proves that interaction with data couldn't get any better. While studying he is successfully able to implement his learning’s. He has developed two applications, WhatsApp Utils, which is available on app store and Stock Management application for hotel and restaurants.

WhatsApp Utils - This application comes handy with useful advanced features of WhatsApp Messenger like Status Saver (Images + Videos), Send text message without saving number, Send multiple copies of text message and more.

Stock Management - This application helps to store and keep the records of products and transactions. The main features of the app are, information regarding current stocks and expiry dates, information about seller/buyer name with transaction date, generate an excel OR PDF file of the transactions, details of total transactions amount giving detailed information about total purchases and supplies.

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