Guru Purnima Celebrated at Desh Bhagat University
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Desh Bhagat University

Guru Purnima was celebrated to mark the birth of Shri Ved Vyasa in Desh Bhagat University, best university in Punjab and in top universities in India by SarvShreshth Bharat Club. A seminar was organized in Mahapragya Hall where university management, faculty members and staff gathered to commemorate and honor their spiritual, academic and life Gurus'. Present on the occasion Dr. Zora Singh, Chancellor DBU enlightened the audience with his lecture on contribution and place of a Guru in our life. He said that a Guru is the only person who teaches you the wisdom and shows the virtuous path to follow. It is an unparalleled journey where the Guru leads you from the material to the divine, from the visible to the invisible and from the ephemeral to the eternal. Dr Tejinder Kaur Pro Chancellor dedicated the day to all Gurus'. She added that a Guru always stands beside you to help you to fight against all odds and teaches you the real lesson of life.

Guru Purnima is an opportunity to recognize the immense contribution a teacher has in our lives. We must express our gratitude to our teachers, said Dr. Shalini Gupta, Vice Chancellor DBU.  While addressing the teachers she said that you may just be a teacher to the world but to your students, you are a hero and it is the responsibility of every teacher to create a positive outlook and impart ethical values among students.

Dr. I. S. Sethi Research Cell, Dr. Kulbhushan Registrar and Dr. Puja Gulati and Dr. Rajwant Nursing and many staff members expressed their views and spoke on the importance of Guru in life. Everyone was praising teachers for their priceless contribution and guidance.

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