Success Story of Gaurav Gujral – Desh Bhagat University
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Desh Bhagat University

Gaurav Gujral student of B. Tech Mechanical Engineering (ME) final year is an optimistic student who grabbed placement opportunity at Think Next during virtual placement drive organized by Desh Bhagat University, best engineering college in Punjab, amid lockdown.

He said, “During lockdown the step of virtual placement drive by Desh Bhagat University has been a source of enormous hope for me and my batch mates especially bearing in mind the current job scenario. The university has always been a leader in education providing numerous opportunities to the students. My greatest learning is that, the only thing that matters is to stay motivated whatever the situation is. “

“The hard work of Desh Bhagat University’s placement department and management has brought this achievement into my account,” he added.

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