Desh Bhagat University organized E-Workshop to promote entrepreneurship
Posted By Desh Bhagat University (DBU)

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Campus (IEDC) of Desh Bhagat University organized an e-workshop to promote entrepreneurship among youth during the Corona virus crisis to contribute in creating job avenues and business opportunities. More than 150 students and budding entrepreneurs participated in the workshop.
The expert speaker were Dr. K.S. Bhatia, CEO, Dr. J.S. Ghai CEO, Ashish Khare, Founder, Prerna Kalra, Founder Open Hand Solutions .They motivated participants on the role of entrepreneurs in building economies worldwide and career opportunities as an entrepreneur, procedure of startups, regulations and risks associated, etc.

Mr. K.S. Bhatia discussed the personality traits and importance of mindset in becoming a successful entrepreneur.Mr. J.S. Ghai, and Mr. Ashish Khare explained the process of Idea Generation to Idea Commercialization.
Ms. Prerna Kalra a HR specialist delivered an expert talk on how to manage work in present difficult situation, entrepreneurial ideas and promising sectors to work upon.
Dr. Zora Singh, Chancellor and Dr. Tejinder Kaur, Pro-Chancellor, said,” The present era is very challenging and we are facing unprecedented circumstances, but actually this is the right time when we must explore the unexplored opportunities and think creatively to subvert the paradigm and change it in the favor of community.
Dr. Shalini Gupta, Vice Chancellor Desh Bhagat University thanked everyone for their participation.

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