Success Story of Jigardeep Singh - Desh Bhagat University
Posted By Desh Bhagat University (DBU)

Jigardeep Singh, student of BA Final year, got selected at HDFC Bank during virtual placement drive organized by Desh Bhagat University Amid Lockdown.

Jigardeep Singh Says,” I wanted to attain something from the very beginning,  I joined higher studies and put in all my efforts to achieve that. I believe, a successful journey of an individual often commences with proper planning, focus, determination and having clarity about the objective he wants to achieve. In which Desh Bhagat University played a massive role in making it a success. I must say that the varsity has a very defined curriculum, diverse teaching methodologies and pre-set procedures for preparing its students for real life challenges.

When I appeared for the interview, that too during lockdown through virtual placement drive, I felt I was awfully well primed. From day one when I took admission, the placement department had started preparing the students for overall personality development and confidence building  through regular sessions, group discussions, public speaking, job interviews, presentation skills, email writing etc. , which helped me in refining myself.”

A special thanks to the management of Desh Bhagat Univeristy for all the comprehensive support! 

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