World Entrepreneurs Day Celebrated at Desh Bhagat University
Posted By Desh Bhagat University (DBU)

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Campus (IEDC) of Desh Bhagat University celebrated World Entrepreneurs Day 2020 online to promote entrepreneurship among youth to contribute in creating job avenues and business opportunities. The program was conducted by Alumni Students of DBU, Mr. Gourav Gujral; Mr. Lakhvir Singh and Mr. Amrinder Singh who have established themselves as a successful entrepreneur. They discussed the personality traits and importance of mindset in becoming a successful entrepreneur and explained how to manage work in present difficult situations and also entrepreneurial ideas and promising sectors to work upon. More than 250 students and faculty members participated in the session. 


Dr. Zora Singh, Chancellor and Dr. Tajinder Kaur, Pro-Chancellor, Desh Bhagat University congratulated the alumni students on their successful career and said “DBU always strives for imparting career oriented skills in our students and explore opportunities to benefit the society at large.”


 Vice Chancellor, Desh Bhagat University applauded the success of students.


Dr. Sandeep Singh , Vice President ,Desh Bhagat University said, “ It is a proud moment for us as our entrepreneurial incubator has produced a handful of successful entrepreneurs. He added that DBU has established IEDC Incubator for Technology, Business, Agriculture, Design and Bio sectors. These incubators have nurtured more than 7000 students and guided them for entrepreneurial opportunities.”

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