World Photography Day Celebrated at Desh Bhagat University
Posted By Desh Bhagat University (DBU)

The Faculty of Engineering & Applied Sciences of Desh Bhagat University organized an online photography competition to celebrate   "World Photography Day”. The theme of the event was "Happiness and Nature". Over 165 Photography enthusiasts from various departments of the university comprising Engineering, Ayurveda, Dental, Pharmacy, Nursing, Management, Paramedical, Agriculture and Applied Sciences participated in this event and submitted self clicked videos and photographs. Appreciating their talent and enthusiasm for photography E-Certificates were awarded to all the participants.


Dr. Zora Singh, Chancellor and Dr. Tejinder Kaur, Pro Chancellor, Desh Bhagat University, said , “ The technology has made our life very easy, with cameras in mobile phones , everyone has become a photographer and filmmaker and  is able to capture the cherished movements.


A lot of platforms have emerged for the photographers and it is one of the most recognized professions across the world.”


Dr. Sandeep Sharma, Director, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences appreciated the efforts of the students and said,” The aim of the event was to inspire photographers across the university to share photographs with a simple purpose: to share their world of “Happiness and Nature “with everyone.


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