COCO Beans Bakery Launched on Bhai Taruji’s 300th year Prakash Utsav at Desh Bhagat University
Posted By Desh Bhagat University (DBU)

COCO Beans is one of its kind Chemical Free Bakery launched on Bhai Taruji’s 300th year Prakash Utsav, who was a prominent Sikh martyr known for sacrificing his life for protecting Sikh values, having had scalped rather than his hair or converting to Islam. On this occasion, the Holy path of Sukhmani Sahib was organized.
The bakery is set up at Desh Bhagat University, Mandi Gobindgarh with a huge variety of products being freshly baked each day. The list comprises of Atta Biscuits, Choco-chip biscuits, Coconut cookies, Flavored Cookies, Rusk, various variety of Breads, Burger Buns, Brownies, Dry Cakes, Cream Cakes and much more.
Dr.Zora Singh , Chancellor DBU and Dr. Tajinder Kaur, Pro-Chancellor DBU  said, “Fear of Uncertainty is, unfortunately, the reality of current times. The biggest responsibility for one and all is to keep mind calm and body healthy. Feeding oneself with positive thoughts and healthy food has been the agenda of 2020. We, at DBU, identified few key steps to ensure we do our bit. Chemical Free Bakery Brand – COCO BEANS is one such initiative, with a vision to provide healthy bakery and patisserie products to students, faculty and residents of nearby towns. “

Dr. Sandeep Singh, Vice President DBU, said, “The Scope of COCO BEANS is very vast, it is being developed as a platform for our students, with an entrepreneurial mindset, to not just understand the technical aspect of business but also get hands on experience of marketing, brand development and commercials of a business venture. With clear intentions of promoting chemical free foods and culture of practical education for budding entrepreneurs, COCO BEANS is all set to make its mark in Punjab region.”

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