Desh Bhagat University will offer 100% scholarship to war-torn Afghan students
Posted By Desh Bhagat University (DBU)

In this hour of crisis, Desh Bhagat University has opened its doors to students of Afghanistan says chancellor Dr Zora Singh

CHANDIGARH: "Desh Bhagat University has long been one of our nation's most admired universities, welcoming students from different countries to the land of five rivers," said Dr Zora Singh, chancellor Desh Bhagat University.

At a time when these young souls need us most, we don't want their desires to be killed by the Taliban.

The DBU scholarships are available immediately to undergraduate students in various courses offered in the university.

"We hope to expand the assistance to the foreign students for which we are known, to give wings to the free bird and advance humanitarian efforts by helping Afghan students at this difficult and historic time. Their uncertain future and fate of their families left them trembling and those wires at borders not just abducting them but their future, dreams and ambitions too," Dr Zora Singh added.

The interest of Afghan students to study in India is evident from the fact that 15,000 Afghan students are studying in India and out of these 7,500 are on scholarships and others are self-

financed. Out of which, nearly 200 students are in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana.

"Since uncertainty looms large, Desh Bhagat University is open to extending help to these students. Taking away education rights are equal to killing someone, but no person needs to panic. DBU is giving you all free, 100% scholarships

to all me nation builders as a chance to brighten their future. The freedom to pursue your dreams is right in front of you all in this university," Dr Singh said.

All information related to the courses and scholarships are available on the official website or dial 8283811111.

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