National Players Honoured at Desh Bhagat University
Posted By Desh Bhagat University (DBU)

Desh Bhagat University honoured its National and International player students who won Medals in sports recently. On this occasion, Honourable Mr Gurinder Singh Garry Birring MLA Amloh was the Chief Guest of the occasion. 

Honourable Chief Guest Mr Gurinder Singh Garry Birring in his address congratulated the students and motivated them to achieve more heights. He exhorted that it is a proud moment for Desh Bhagat University that Shaheen Gill, a student of B. A Semester-1 won a gold medal for the university in Asian Boxing Championship held in Jordan. Along with the Gold medal, Shaheen was also honoured with a momentous cash prize. In these Asian Games, 21 countries participated. 

Mr Gurinder Singh Garry also blessed the players with his motivational speech and said that there are many career opportunities for athletes in Government Jobs. He encouraged the students to participate in games and sports.  

A bunch of other players who won the medals and glorified the university on the National level were also honoured. Attinder Singh won Gold Medal in AIU Karate Championship, Rahul won Silver Medal in AIU Karate Championship, A Team of 7 players won Bronze Medal in AIU Karate Championship in which more than 210 universities participated all over India, Mohit bagged Silver Medal in AIU Wrestling Championship in which more than 265 universities participated.  

Desh Bhagat University is also indebted to the coaches because these players won medals, and honoured them with Shawl and Momentous. Mr Ajit Bakshi Boxing Coach, Mr Rajesh Joshi (ASI) Karate Coach, Mr Mukesh Kumar (SP CM security) Owner of Miri Piri Akhara Wrestling Guru Ji, Mandeep Wrestling Coach, Mr Nandan Singh was honoured on the occasion. 

Speaking on the occasion Dr Zora Singh, Honourable Chancellor Desh Bhagat University blessed her and expressed his best wishes to her.  He said, “The University is providing full support to every talented student in the field of sports besides professional education.”He motivated the students as well as young and budding players to participate in sports.  

On this occasion, Honourable Pro-Chancellor Dr Tajinder Kaur congratulated Shaheen and other players and their coaches on these wonderful achievements. She appreciated the winners and exhorted them to do more hard work to bring more laurels to this Institute.  Dr Shalini Gupta respected Vice-Chancellor in her address said that such achievements will definitely take the university to newer heights of glory and will become an example of inspiration for many others.

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