Shaheen Gill -The Golden Girl Of DBU
Posted By Desh Bhagat University (DBU)

Shaheen Gill is an international boxing player and a student of DBU. She has put up a brilliant performance at International Boxing Championship held in Jordan. Shaheen won the Gold medal by thrashing Uzbekistan’s boxer Mukhlisa Tokhirova in the final match.

Shaheen performed outstanding and bagged the gold medal the in (60kg) category. Shaheen‘s victory enthralled the whole city. As soon as the news of her winning the gold came the entire campus and the city got overjoyed. There was an influx of congratulators at her home. She worked really hard and put up a brilliant performance in the match. This victory of Shaheen not only the country represented but has also earned a lot of respect at the international level.

Dr. Zora Singh, Chancellor Desh Bhagat University congratulated Shaheen on her brilliant success and also gave her best wishes for the future. He said that today's girls are no less than boys in any field. Shaheen has changed the perception of those who thought that girls can’t box. Shaheen has the caliber, skills, and confidence to achieve great heights in the future. The whole city is delighted at her extraordinary success and victory. The Officials of many social and administrative organizations visited her house and congratulated her parents and family on her winning the gold medal. Shaheen is an inspiration to millions of girls who want to join boxing and represent India at the international level.

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