Sri Sukhmani Sahib Path At DBU
Posted By Desh Bhagat University (DBU)

Sardar Lal Singh Institute of Nursing organized SHRI SUKHMANI SAHIB PATH in the Desh Bhagat University premises, Mandi Gobindgarh, Punjab on 7th March 2022 with the pious intention of seeking blessings from Almighty for world peace in this time of crisis., when the world is experiencing an escalation of the Russo-Ukrainian war.

 On this occasion, Hon’ble Chancellor Dr. Zora Singh emphasized the power of daily ‘Simran’ or meditation and appreciated the Sikh concept of  ‘Sarbat da Bhala’or blessings for all. Dr. Zora Singh said that prayers with true and pious intentions never failed. We should pray that the whole world comes out of the atmosphere of this fight and there is peace in the whole world.

 Pro-Chancellor of the university, Dr. Tajinder Kaur was also present during this holy recital. She shared with the students and the faculty, the significance of this holy ‘Bani’and the compositions of ‘Shabad’ or hymns by the Gurus. She elaborated on the importance of Gurbani and told that all the gurus gave the message of peace, sacrifice, and brotherhood. The Bani gives us strength and courage to choose the right path in life.

Vice-Chancellor DBU, Dr. Shalini Gupta shared that the purpose of performing this ‘Paath’ is also to express our gratitude to almighty for the safe homecoming of our Indian students from Ukraine. We are grateful to the almighty for all the blessings. The faculty and students participated in this holy event and prayed for world peace.