Placement Drive At Desh Bhagat University
Posted By Desh Bhagat University (DBU)

Desh Bhagat University Corporate Relations Cell organized Placement Drives for Management, Engineering, and Education Students at the campus in Mandi Gobindgarh, Punjab. HDFC Bank, IVY Hospital, Edwise International Pvt. Limited and Ralson India Private Limited were a few companies that participated in the placement drive.

The drive was coordinated by Mr. Romit (HDFC) Mr. Arun (IVY Hospital) and Ms. Rashmi (Hr Manager) Edwise International Pvt. Limited, Mr. Varun (GM) and Mr. Neeraj (HR Head), Ralson India Private Limited.  The main aim of this placement drive was to provide an opportunity for the employers and the students to interact with each other. The drive reduced pressure on students and gave them valuable experience. The students who attended the placement drive were very enthusiastic.

The placement drives started with the introduction of the companies. After that, group discussion rounds were conducted with the students. The qualifying GD round was then interviewed personally by the respective HRs’. The recruitment was for the profile of Business Development Manager, Hr Executive, and content writers. The main objective of this recruitment drive was to provide an opportunity for the students to develop skills and builds confidence. The drive reduced pressure on students and gave them valuable experience. Approximately 7o students participated in the drive and more than 35 students were shortlisted by the respective HRS’

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